Research / Research Overview

The research work of the group is focused on the development of the fundamental problem of structural organization, functional significance and mechanisms of the formation of specialized domains (compartments) in the eukaryotic cell nucleus. The structural-functional organization of the nuclear apparatus of multicellular organisms is one of the most important area of the modern Molecular Cell Biology. It is known that the programmed regulation of the eukaryotic genome expression can't be possible without the expressed functional compartmentalization of the cell nucleus. At the same time, all major structural components of the complex cell organell the nucleus are closely linked to the work of the genome and the realization of genetic information. All of it determine the possibility of a quick response to external stimuli, and the regulation of gene expression. The compartmentalization of the cell nucleus contributes to the correct passing of key intranuclear processes such as transcription, maturation of newly synthesized transcripts, packaging and transport of information and non-coding RNA, replication, repair and recombination of DNA.