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EMBO workshop Systems Biology of Noncoding RNAs, "High-throughput sequencing of samples retrieved by lampbrush chromosome microdissection allows to determine what sequences are being transcribed by a single loop", 8th - 11th February, 2016, Rehovot, Israel

10th European Cytogenetics Conference, "Non-coding RNA derived from a conservative subtelomeric tandem repeat in embryos and adult tissues of Galliformes species revealed by FISH approach", 4th - 7th July, 2015, Strasbourg, France

EMBO workshop: Non-coding RNA in genome expression, maintenance and stability Cargese, "Nuclear retained subtelomeric transcripts bind paraspeckle protein p54/nrb and hnRNP I/PTB forming telomere associated nuclear domains in growing oocytes of pigeon Columba livia", 7th - 10th October, 2014, Corsica, France

19th International Chromosome Conference, "Studying peculiarities of oogenesis in hybridogenetic European water frog complex (P. esculentus complex) using lampbrush chromosomes from growing oocytes", 2nd - 6th September, 2013, Bologna, Italy

16th International Chromosome Conference, "Centromere regions of chromosomes in the lampbrush phase", 25th - 29th August, 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands