Irina Trofimova

Personal information

Work address Laboratory of the cell nucleus structure and dynamics, Biology Research Institute, Saint-Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, 14th Line of Vasilyevsky Island, 29, liter A, 199178, Russia.

Education & Qualifications

2013 - p.t.
Current Position: Post-Doc of Saint-Petersburg State University, Biology Research Institute, Faculty of Cytology and Histology
2010 - 2013

Head of cytogenetics laboratory of Stem cell bank Pokrovski

2009 - 2013

Research assistant of Laboratory of Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital and Inherited Diseases of Ott’s Institute of Obstetrics and GynecologyLBCs.

2009 - 2013

Lecturer of the Medical college of Saint-Petersburg State University

2006 - 2009
PhD student of Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science (Department of Genetics and biotechnology).
Thesis: Phenomenon of selective staining of heterochromatin regions of metaphase chromosomes of the person by acridine orange flurochrome.
Graduated from Bashkir State University, Faculty of Biology, (Department of Biotechnology) as Specialist in Biology

Current research interests

My current research is focusing on the investigation of a transcriptional activity of non-coding DNA at terminal chromosomal regions, tissue-specific and developmental differences of subtelomeric repeats of a transcription, a structure and a function of the resulting transcripts and the behavior of subtelomere-derived RNA during a mitosis. A subtelomeric tandem repeat PO41 is the most interesting in Galliform species for this purpose due to it's high DNA sequence conservation and a similar chromosomal distribution in Galliform species, which can indicate that it's transcripts have important invariable functions.


Redistribution of PO41 non-coding RNA during the cell cycle in chicken MDCC-MSB1 with 3D reconstructions of anaphase and telophase stages. (Trofimova I. et al., 2014 Molecular cytogenetics).

Major Publications

  1. Trofimova I., Chervyakova D., Krasikova A.
    Transcription of subtelomere tandemly repetitive DNA in chicken embryogenesis. Chromosome Research. 2015.
    DOI: 10.1007/s10577-015-9487-3.
  2. Trofimova I., Popova D., Vasilevskaya E., Krasikova A.
    Non-coding RNA derived from a conservative subtelomeric tandem repeat in chicken and Japanese quail somatic cells. Molecular Cytogenetics, 2014. V. 7:102.- p.1-13.
  3. Trofimova I., Popova D., Chervyakova D., Krasikova A.
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