Tatiana Kulikova

Personal information

e-mail t.v.kulikova@gmail.com
Work address Laboratory of the cell nucleus structure and dynamics, Biology Research Institute, Saint-Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, 14th Line of Vasilyevsky Island, 29, liter A, 199178, Russia.

Education & Qualifications

2013 - p.t.
Current position: research fellow in department of Cytology and Histology, Biology Research Institute, Saint-Petersburg University.
2004 - 2007

PhD student of Saint-Petersburg State University, Biology Research Institute, Laboratory of the cell structure and dynamics.

Graduated from: St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science, (Department of Cytology and Histology) as Master Sc. in Biology.
Master thesis: Investigation of structures associated with centromeric and telomeric regions of avian LBCs.
St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil sciences Bachelor Sc. degree in Biology.
Institute: Institute of Cytolology of Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Cell Morphology.

Major Publications

  1. Krasikova A., Kulikova T., Zlotina A.
    Lampbrush chromosomes as a model for exploration into loci of nuclear domains formation.
    Cell and Tissue Biology. - 2016. - V. 58 (4) - P. 277-280.
  2. Zlotina A., Kulikova T., Kosyakova N., Liehr T., Krasikova A.
    Microdissection of lampbrush chromosomes as an approach for generation of locus-specific FISH-probes and samples for high-throughput sequencing. BMC Genomics, 2016. 17:126
    DOI: 10.1186/s12864-016-2437-4
  3. Kulikova T., Chervyakova D., Zlotina A., KrasikovaA., Gaginskaya E.
    Giant poly (A)-rich RNP aggregates form at terminal regions of avian lampbrush chromosomes. Chromosoma, 2015. 1-16.
  4. Krasikova A., Kulikova T., Saifitdinova A., Derjusheva S., Gaginskaya E.
    Centromeric protein bodies on avian lampbrush chromosomes contain a protein detectable with an antibody against DNA topoisomerase II. Chromosoma, 2014. V.113 (6). p.: 316-323.
  5. Gaginskaya E., Kulikova T., Krasikova A.
    Avian Lampbrush Chromosomes: a Powerful Tool for Exploration of Genome Expression. Cytogenetic and Genome Research, 2009. V.124 (3-4). p.: 251-267.
  6. Deryusheva S., Krasikova A., Kulikova T., Gaginskaya E.
    Tandem 41-bp repeats in chicken and Japanese quail genomes: FISH mapping and transcription analysis on lampbrush chromosomes. Chromosoma, 2007. V.116 (6). p.: 519-530.